“Kalahasti was it?”

“Yes it was and you did NOT let me see the temple because of your incessant cries but those memories … they bring about a smile.” my dad says.

My parents used to hold my hand back in my relatively younger days when a new place was visited in the expected anxiety that i would get lost. Those were the times when I was scared yet mesmerized ; my thoughts of either the place was not good because of the people there or about the hygiene ; well these thoughts reached only to who are supposed to hear, and yet the place was covered because it was not often that “special” places are visited.

Roll on the years, I find myself travelling to places alone, or with my dad, for this time it’s a different scenario , I am able to relish the prospect of visiting a new place, meet new people and learn about the experiences of those coming along with me, for narrating those brings a smile upon them. It is very simple really, just pack your bags , run.

Cycling 20 kms, or Road tripping with friends or going on a family outing, it doesn’t matter as the enjoyment of going to the place itself is heart warming. People generally say “I have already visited that place , let us go to some other place” and yet each time one goes to the same travel destination, something different awaits. In a world where change is the only constant, we can expect changes right? Even so upon close observations, we might have missed something that when we encounter in the second visit we say ” Oh look! this was right here and I never noticed it.” Such is the nature of travel.

Even so I have to give all the credits to my father though. Innumerable places, off-roading, think of a new place and the willingness to cover it ; Oh well without him the very purpose of writing this piece is falsified. Driving force and the motive behind my travels are crystal clear.

Travel for some maybe arduous and for others , it is just a way of enjoying life. Travelling is an art, travelling is fun. For without travel, there is an element of fun missing in life.





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