Mountains of the Himalayas , the bustling cities of the United States , the barren beauty of Greenland , the near perfect view in Scandinavia ; envious, majority of the time , yet, content to seeing only images on the contrary. I would put these places in my bucket list. However , thinking about the places on a given day, that eureka moment came; may not be a discovery of sort but I noticed that the enjoyment can be the same if I travel to a new place closer to where I live and it is of importance (either culturally or historically). “I love it!, I kinda get excited even for local circling, so yeah” came the prompt reply when I asked my friend on travelling or roaming around.

Living in a country like India has made me believe that there are innumerable places to visit before my travels to other countries, and believe me it will take ages if all the places here were to be covered. However, even without hiking, walking in reality, a person may tend to be in that very place of thought in mind. If it is close by, don’t think; just go!

Money, what good is travel if there is no money? a special pass may be available for going to a certain point in a place and that pass needs money; What to do? I suggest saving up , as saving up small amounts can lead to a good balance by the start of a trip if the time span is big enough so extra privileges can be enjoyed during the visit.

All it requires is some dedication , for there is a lot to see near us, stop thinking about places far and beyond when it is out of reach in the current time-span and just jolt to a place which is accessible and more so, have fun for any place is a fun place regardless.


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