Date Visited : January 1st 2017


The  temple of Somnathpur, magnificent in architecture, a build so good that it leaves the person wanting ; a longing to stay there and explore. Complexity at its finest, this structure shows the unbelievable amount of patience and the work that must have gone in the construction. The inner sanctum of the temple, the shrine of Channakesava is the main attraction. Channakesava is lord shiva ; what my elders have told me.



About 45 minutes drive from Thallakad which is more than a half decent tourist attraction itself, was crowded  or no strike that, it was packed to the rafters; hence this detour.

The entire structure is constructed on a platform and the intricacy  is a manifestation of the brilliant architecture of the Hoysalas. There is not much inside apart from a few idols, however the ceiling  is partitioned in such a way that each partition represent a stage in the life cycle of a banana flower.


The premise is an embodiment of a temple lost in the webs of time. The gates open in the morning, and close at 5.30-6 in the evening, depending on the magnitude of the crowd that turns up to the temple. For a travel lover , it is a fine place to explore ; however coupled with the fact that if the person is an architecture lover as well,  the temple of Somnathpur will not let you go, and believe me when I mention this, you will be pulled into leaving reluctantly because of the nature and the intricacy in beauty , that is the temple of Channakesava , the lord who commands Somnathpur, above and beyond.


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