What sets a beach in Goa apart from the others? Sand, people, the overall environment? Well, give or take one factor, these beaches are just beautiful. Bubbling with activity, dotted with shacks


running varied music that have no synchronization with each other , people playing beach football or the restaurants bordering the beach. It was my first time in Goa and dear I say it , a fantastic travel adventure indeed.

Two days, multiple beaches , with each one thrusting a distinct experience. I did not get the opportunity to para-sail over the beach or ride on the famous banana boat or go on the jet ski. “Next time dude, Next time” was the message .So I am not disappointed about my non-indulgence in those activities. On the brighter side, the ebbing of the star fishes on the beach sand was a sight for sore eyes .( Well , not everyone thinks that a two centimeter starfish is elegant to look at. But hey! perspectives you see ). Digging up the sand to get the sensation of moving towards the water at the sand edge or behaving like an amateur and running a race against the general direction of the water flow are all just beach things.


A particular incident was when we were about to enter Calangute beach. The drive way was such that only one car could traverse the path at one time. An intersection of two would certainly give the drivers a chance to prove themselves to be worthy of the drivers licence. We almost, almost reached the beach parking with our car and soon, bummed because the parking was full and there was no place to take a U-turn. So we had to backtrack the snake path. Disaster. Thirty minutes passed and through incessant yelling of the locals and infuriating the driver by doing the thing he abhors (BACK SEAT DRIVING), we parked a kilometer away and walked back to the beach.


Baga was another beach that caught the eye. The beach was packed to the rafters on a day where the conditions were near to perfect to bask in the sun’s glow. Oh, and I almost forgot, there was one other thing that went untouched and that was the sun bathing on the beach. Not something I prefer though. Anyway , having gone to these beaches in Goa, an experience , one that will flow along with me like the waters…



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