It was a year ago that we visited Shiv Ganga(e) and that was one of the best trekking experiences that I have had so far. Initially the plan was to go to Savandurga , which is somewhere to the west of Bangalore (that is what my father told me and I believe him, haha) , however due to some people going up and failing to return from the trek at Savandurga, the security officials decided to hand us a diversion. That diversion led to a forty kilometer hunt in search of Shiv Ganga. With little or no information on hand and no internet, we decided to head to Shiv Ganga. A REAL FIND!

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2 vehicles; a moped and a bike, trying to zip across the roads but generating hiccups more often than not, selfies flying around, videos rolling out, oh wait! I almost forgot, we visited manchadbele dam and then the Doddha aladhu mara (big banyan tree) before hitting Savandurga. Beautiful, just beautiful. A small area , filled with lush greenery with the point of focus being the big banyan tree. However reluctant we were to leave, the prospect of a trek just pulled us away from the first spot.

On reaching Savandurga , the security thwarted our attempts to accomplishing our goal and so the detour began. Shiv Gange was welcoming , we did not feel a hostile environment, thank god! The only thing that kind of made me feel sick about the place was the dosa I had, but but , as always, learning to adjust is an art which (sorry not bragging) I am very capable of and did there. The trek started at around 2pm and we seemed to go on and on and on and on… Anyway , at a point, we came across stone carved steps inclined at a minimum of 70 degrees (what my cousin claims even now!) and found it a tad difficult to climb . But with perspiration running down our foreheads, we made it to the top and as I have seen in a lot of treks , a temple was duly there. Having spent a couple of hours on top, inhaling all the peaceful air and absorbing the tranquility , more reluctance crept in as we were forced to get down due to the impending darkness.

Something was noticeable that day. A lesson of sort. People who go to the temple regularly were on bikes as they raced to the top while the newbies (us) were gasping for breath after a mere distance from the ground. Practice does make a man perfect!

The monkeys, the wind,  complimented by the scenery ; I would give it a 4/5 experience! For a first time trekker , this is a little hard. Maybe after say, umm, 2-3 treks , one can actually go to Shiv Gange. A good adventure indeed. If you are a nature lover, do go there!


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