Here I am, writing about a beautiful place. Pavana. Title is reminiscent of a young girl named Pavana but, you guessed it, gem of a place. 30-35 kilometres from the heart of Pune, this place has everything a traveller can ask for, tranquility, serenity , beauty(again) , and a personal feed to satisfaction ; happiness in the place.

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A small diversion from the highway, about 15 kilometres on a road where,me being 5’10 , place 2 of me in the road side by side and yes , the road is pretty much it. We drove to Pawana in an SUV. Yeah , yeah. Thanks for reminding me that we would have found it difficult. But the route I tell you , dotted with tiny hills whose name even the locals would struggle to conjure up was a sight for sore eyes.

A small gate/toll/building/some painted walls stands as a gateway to Pavana. The snake like small path leads to a bunch of uphill curvy roads and the dam is the cherry on top of the icing. The road virtually ends at the dam. The dam is connecting with various camping sites. The camping sites are stationed by the river/ that water body connecting the dam. As luck would have it, due to unsafe waters, the life guard (I mean campguard) locked away the boat. A solitary boat. The boat never moved but life moved on.

After spending a eternity staring at a lone island close to the camp, I noticed that the water extended into infinity, showing to a human being, the spirit is limitless, the potential should be tapped like the energy is tapped by the water when it gushes down into the stream.

This place may not be of much importance in terms of being on the map, but it shows that even in the midst of an area which offers a little element of life , there is life and it thrives without disturbance but for the occasional hit and run of “tourists”, this place shows a lot of potential.





  1. Experience shared beautifully.. interest seeded strongly in my mind to pack the bags for a trip.. lot of travel=lot of learning..keep travelling ..All the best and waiting to hear from you soon, about your next breathtaking trip..

  2. My favourite line has to be “A solitary boat. The boat never moved but life moved on”. This gave the famous poet/author feels. So proud of you. Showing everyone the beauty in simple things. ❤

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