Yes! Almost time! Just a week away! I can’t hide my excitement! The number of times I have gotten goosebumps is probably the number at which Dow Jones stands in the current day market.
You want to know why?

I’ll tell you. Ah! Give me a moment to savour it.




I am going on my first ever SNOW TREK! After much planning and thoughtful scrutiny we are finally, finally! going to Kedharkanta. I’ll tell you what’s putting me on a cliff’s edge already is the fact that being the first time, it is like diving , sorry strike that, climbing to the unknown and the prospect of climbing in snow is already sending ice shards down my spine. To be honest with you, I have been to many places, but this fever of adventure never crept in any of those trips.

Kedharkanta is to north of Dehradun, to be traversed via Sankri. The route we are going to take is Delhi – Dehradun – Sankri – (then the place! Yell along) Kedharkanta! Experienced trekkers, please don’t laugh at me as this may be the easiest trek for you lot. Ha! I’ll get there. Eventually.

Anyway. Apparently the peak is at 12000 odd feet! (Camera is ready, ladies and gentlemen). Regardless of the what people think about my endurance and stamina, I will prove to myself and everyone else that I CAN and I WILL. I will share my experiences once I am back from paradise where , with or without you, I would sing the hymn for the weekend and accomplish what I set out to do, scale the summit.


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