The Thar desert..

An ocean of sand, sparkling under the watchful gaze of the moon, rendering mirages by taking the help of the sun. Given that it is the only desert in the country, it does make a classic case for a compelling travel.

I have never been to the Thar Desert. In fact, I have never been to Rajasthan at all. The one state that has eluded me for far too long. Oh wait, when I visited the Himalayas earlier this year, we took a picture on the plane. Geo-tagging showed that we were flying above Jaipur when the picture was taken. That doesn’t count at all.

I have read about the magnificence of the desert while watching documentaries showcasing Rajput bravery. From the Mahals and the palaces in Udaipur, the hill station of Mount Abu, the shrine of Salim Chisti in Ajmer to the capital city of Jaipur. Rajasthan has a whole lot to offer and I plan to do visit everything over a couple of fortnights from today.

Dear, I say it, there is the famous Bangarh fort. There exist stories about the fort which sends shivers down the spine. Hope I will get a chance to visit that as well!

I am not a person who falls for sweets but I want to go and try out the sweets in Bikanerwala ( a store for sweet and savoury that is prominent in many parts of the country ). Oh and Dal Baati! The traditional Rajasthani dish! Of course, I will try it and tell you how it tastes at the place of origin.

I have to talk about Jaisalmer! How can I not? I am super excited to go and stay in desert tents. I have seen the cold. Now, I will witness actual heat. The camel’s are waiting. The state awaits. Only a matter of days…

You know what? I am going to share everything that I experience in Rajasthan. Here is to hoping that my experiences will tempt you to go explore as well. Not just Rajasthan but explore places in general and savor the travels.

Rajasthaaaan. Hum aarahe hain! – (translation : “we are coming”)


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