Two sides of a coin.

Two teams in a football field.

Two hands in a clock that never stops.

Two different places in the same country…..

Two different settings of nature destroying us….

Yes this is not the ordinary travel experience per say. I pen this down in a wee bit of sadness after going through some of the environment related situations/pictures. A situation created by water in different places and a situation created by ice in the other while fire engulfs a different part of the world.. Pains me to talk about the sacrifices that people make to adapt to the conditions. Stampede during rains on one side. Adapting to increased sea levels on the other. Indigenous people trying to save their would be incarcerated homes to save their identities. Well, it has been rough.

You know, when we relocated to Bombay, people were skeptical about our adaptability and questioned us if we could bear the onslaught of the rain gods. We passed the test. With distinction, rather. However, it pains me to see so many people struggling to maneuver their vehicles or empathizing with the street vendors who look helplessly at the skies, praying in silence to reduce their growing agony. “Rain lashes down in parts of…. ” is a headline much frequented in today’s media. Coverage provided? Yes. Is substantial support provided? Yes. However those attribute the normal monsoon showers and the media going bonkers over it. That aside, speaking of support, I choose to divert from the topic of normal rain to the floods in Northern Karnataka and the adjacent areas of Maharashtra.

Day after day. Headline after headline. The situation only became worse. Patches of muddy water? More like patches of land. The sight of army rescue operations brought in some harsh thoughts. Thoughts on how we abuse mother nature, and how we have been engulfed by complacency. Often we sit on our couches and say ” Oh that’s sad. God save them” , “Look at the plight of the poor people living there” and we just carry on with our daily rituals like nothing ever happened. I do not say this for the solitary occasion when flash-floods devastate an area or an earthquake ravages a particular place. A small donation can go a long way in helping people, getting the place back to normal; alleviating their problems. People who can afford to stock up rations will have fewer set-backs than some of the others; vagabonds, street dwellers, small shopkeepers by the streets. Well, people who cannot hit an S.O.S button at an instant will face the wrath and subsequently the consequences. The once beautiful place, now needing restoration partly because of our exerted pressure and continued negligence on mother nature and we know what happens when someone/something goes into overdrive.

None of us foresaw a mammoth rainfall in some of the parts of India. None of us foresaw the Greenland ice caps melting at an alarming rate. None of us foresaw the oxygen of earth, the Amazon, choking and fighting for her dear life until it came under notice via social media, albeit much later. Take a moment to think about the local forest dwellers, the incredible species of birds, animals, the tress. Don’t they have a life too? If we can go out of the way to make our lives comfortable and beautiful, why can we not give them the love they deserve? They need our help.

You know? The other day, I read about a small plastic bottle neck circlet getting stuck to a dolphin in the area where it breathes, thus rendering it ineffective and hampering it’s breathing, resulting in it’s death. Take a moment again to think about the precious life that a piece of simple plastic has managed to take away effortlessly because of negligence or an unknown mistake of someone eating on the beach and throwing it away directly into the ocean. Again, the information is circulated via social media; this time after the dolphin reached the heavens.

I for one do not and will not blame anyone for what happens at an instant. However, I only plead with you, my readers, to spread awareness about how we are abusing nature, while neglecting all the pressure points, oblivious to any repercussions that may befall upon us, we only make matters worse.

So please. Think for a couple of minutes, reduce the plastic usage. Think about how certain actions of ours can be baleful to the animals who with all due respect share this incredible planet and have every right to do so. Oh, and remember. We have a 6th sense. They do not.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Rethink. We do this and neither will we repent, nor have the chance react to adverse situations.


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