Kit-kat… Kit-kat… I mean, ticktock. ticktock. The second hand was moving as slowly as the hour hand. Worse, at times during the long wait to board the flight, it looked like time had stopped still for me while it raced at over 100 miles an hour for the rest of the travelers.

I wanted to be just in time to ensure that the process engulfs all the time at the airport. Well, guess the day had other plans for me. With the mindset of student budget, I was looking to minimize the spending on the cab while looking to use that money to shop for the ever-so extended family. Take a moment to guess the time I reached the airport for a flight that was departing at 9:15 in the night. Umm, I reached at 11:45AM in the morning. Yes, 11:45AM. The moment I reached, there was a heated duel between my mind and my heart, with the mind enforcing that it was the right decision while my heart yelling that I made a mistake and should have slept a couple of hours extra at the bare minimum.

Lunch was merely a thought when I left my house because of the prospect of me heading on the flight back home. Yes, home. With a brash thought process that there WILL be places inside the airport where I can get some food, I entered. The moment I entered, a feeling of tiredness hit me. This feeling combined with the combination of hunger and thirst made it a shoddy affair. The terminal is divided into 2 halves. I took a left at the entrance. I walked and walked and walked. Nothing concrete to eat. I made a 180 turn and walked, and walked. I walked so much that I ended up reaching the other side of the building altogether and still found nothing. Irritated (Obviously! Duh!) I went and asked the helpdesk about the whereabouts of food. At the helpdesk, all I got was this smug reply – “You see that shop over there? You can get some chips there” He declared that the chips would become my lunch that day.

Post that, I went to the store and bought some chips and a big bar of Kit-kat. With both the hands and mind occupied, I went and sat in a corner. A big chunk of chocolate went in. 12:20PM. I slept…


Time passed by and suddenly, a very irritating noise fills me and interrupts my dreams. A cleaning machine was turned on and someone did not care about my slumber whatsoever. The worse part? This noise was so bad that it sounded like a 1960’s broken supercar. Additionally, 2 people sat next to me and chatted away in a different language. I had to wake up. The time was 1:30PM. I saw 2 flights dock at the distance, ate another huge piece of Kit-kat and went to sleep. Again.

My hunger was holding up with the chips and Kit-kat until a point where a searing pain made me open my eyes and search frantically for food. Food? What food? More of the same. The packets in the yellow and red were beginning to annoy me. By the time they were in the garbage cans, the time was 3PM. Half the mission was successful. The other half was still remaining. Oh. My. Goodness. 6 more hours to board the flight.

I was so thankful to one of my friends who called me at 3:15PM to discuss college stuff. This call went on until 4:15PM. I knew that the check-in began at 45 minutes past 5 and started sulking again. This time, social media and football saved me. You may ask “Are you stupid, why did you not watch anything or play some game on your phone? You could have killed time more efficiently” Well, let me tell you something. It does not work like that. Killing time at the airport is the single most boring job in the world and I still wonder why I did that mistake of going 9 hours early. From then on to the check-in, I spent time talking to a couple of kids from Ethiopia, a man from Abu Dhabi, playing with a dog that was going to Sydney and reading tweets titled #boredum. Life huh?

I was so happy when I was at my gate and saw a proper restaurant. I can guarantee you that I hadn’t eaten that much Cilantro the entire year as I did on that day. Just the most innocuous airport experience, but an experience to help me in the future. Sheeesh.





  1. If you have a lot to tell, if you have a great story, it’s not that challenging to make that interesting. But if you have to make ‘ boredom ‘ interesting, it will demand a certain grip over the language and an unquestionable wit. And needles to say, you successfully managed to keep the reader interested. You brought a smile even without telling a ‘ funny ‘ story. Wonderful! I really enjoyed it.
    Keep writing.
    – Gaurab.

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