Beach , Goa , Action!

What sets a beach in Goa apart from the others? Sand, people, the overall environment? Well, give or take one factor, these beaches are just beautiful. Bubbling with activity, dotted with shacks running varied music that have no synchronization with each other , people playing beach football or the restaurants bordering the beach. It was […]


Somnathpur Temple – Intricacy in beauty.

Date Visited : January 1st 2017 The  temple of Somnathpur, magnificent in architecture, a build so good that it leaves the person wanting ; a longing to stay there and explore. Complexity at its finest, this structure shows the unbelievable amount of patience and the work that must have gone in the construction. The inner sanctum […]

Why try to go to a place far away when there are so many near you?

Mountains of the Himalayas , the bustling cities of the United States , the barren beauty of Greenland , the near perfect view in Scandinavia ; envious, majority of the time , yet, content to seeing only images on the contrary. I would put these places in my bucket list. However , thinking about the […]