Pumpin em blue vibes in the blue city..

Ain’t no city like the blue city. Ain’t no fort like the Mehrangarh Fort. Ain’t nobody like the people of Jodhpur. We barged into Jodhpur post-sunset and had to rely on Mr.Google to lead us to our hotel. Surely enough, Google does not make a mistake in giving directions but… The route led us through […]


Foraging the Rajput fortresses … for memories.

Jaipur Day 1… 1 pm. The first day of the archaeology class. Soaking up the history. Basking under the Rajasthan sun’s glow. I was the disciple. The fort of Amber, the teacher. Awe and adoration of magnificence sticking with me throughout the midday sunshine. The marble walls shadowing the shadows of the limitless, spirited crowd. […]